Hunts Cricketballen


League Special

4 piece. Top quality hand stitched ball. Premium leather.  Five layer quilt construction of best quality worsted and cork layers. Excellent shape retention. Deep polish finish ensures a lasting shine. Suitable and recommended for top club and league cricket. Super grade A.

A top grade ball for Top and Hoofdklasse

Turf King

4 piece. Composition cork and wool centre. Hand stitched. Selected leather outer case. Good value ball used extensively in club and league cricket. Special grade.

A perfect proven ball for regular Leaque( mens and Woman) and Zami.

County Club


4 piece. Budget priced ball for match, school and junior use. Composition centre. Terylene seam has 55 stitches. High polish finish.

The ideal ball for the Younster League

5.5 oz, Red, Pink, White, Orange

4.75 oz, Red

5.5 oz Red, Pink. Orange, White

5 oz Red, Pink. Orange, White

4.75 oz Pink. Orange, White

5.5 oz Red, Red/White, White, Orange, Pink

5 oz Red, Pink

4.75 oz Red, Red/White, White, Orange, Pink