Salix Cricketbat “POD”


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traditionally rounder pressed face
• targeted pressing: rerunning through the driving area
• sculpted profile with minimal concave sanding for fullest back
• concentration of wood in middle and edges
• core strength and control
• substantial edges
• gentle, long bow
• mid to low driving area
• triangular toe
• traditional oval handle
• for skilled batsmen front & back foot
• signature Pod beaten chrome incorporated into new metallic blue and textured black labels
• senior Pod: 2,8 to 2,13 in Finite, Players, Marque, Performance, Select and Alba grades
• junior Pod: Harrow to Four in Performance grade
• highest level of English artisan batmaking: individually handmade by Salix
• CNC free manufacturing, individual in-house pressing and processing from cleft to bat

The archetypal handmade English bat with an indulgently large profile, pitch perfect balance and stunning performance. The work of Salix artisan hand making and individual treatment at every stage from cleft to bat. Traditional faced yet still bowed with a long, deep, mid driving area and impossibly thick edges, the Pod is full backed giving both depth and mass through the bat’s core. The result is the greatest and most rewarding playing surface, with lightest pick up and superb manoeuvrability. Every angle is precisely shaped and smoothed through our unique sanding so the bat undulates in form – more sculpture than carpentry. The Pod is performance in its highest state.